Get yourself up to speed with the rules and regulations for the Hunts & Peterborough Badminton League.



1) Subject to sufficient support, leagues shall be held annually for: Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

a) Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles. (6 players per team)

b) Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles. (4 players per team)

2) Divisions will be organised in a linear arrangement, ie Div1, Div 2 and so on.

3) The League Committee shall determine the number of teams in each division.

4) In the event of two teams from the same club competing in the same division, both ‘home’ and ‘away’ matches between the two teams shall be played before 1st December of that season.

5) All the players in a team shall be members of that club.

6) League Specific rules:

a) 6s Leagues

i) Matches will comprise each pair of one team playing each pair of the other team (a rubber)

ii) Each rubber will comprise the best of 3 games played to 21 points according to the standard laws of badminton.

iii) The team winning 5 or more rubbers will be awarded two league points (subject to rule 6a(iv))

iv) In the event that a team wins a match, but has fielded less than 6 eligible players, then only one league point shall be awarded.

v) Order of play: Home team: 2-3-1 3-1-2 1-2-3. Away team: 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3.

b) 4s Leagues

i) The four players in team shall be ranked 1-4.

ii) Each combination shall play the corresponding combination of the opposing team (a rubber).

iii) Each rubber will comprise the best of 3 games played to 21 points according to the standard laws of badminton.

iv) Two points shall be awarded to a team winning 4 pair more rubbers; in event of a tie, one point each will be awarded.

v) In the event that a team wins a match, but has fielded less than 4 eligible players, then only one league point shall be awarded.

7) Each team shall play all the other teams in the same division, once at home once away at venues, dates and times agreed by the clubs. Clubs unable arrange a fixture shall refer the situation to the League Committee, and the League Committee will then determine the venue, date and time of the match.

8) Each player shall only play for one club within a League.


a) A club entering more than one team in a League shall rank and number them consecutively in order of strength. Teams shall play in order of strength with the strongest team in the highest division and so on.

b) Clubs will nominate 6 players [3 men and 3 ladies] for each team except the last. (4 players in the 4s Leagues).

c) Players nominated for a team must play at least half the matches scheduled for that team. If a nominated player is unable to fulfil that quota then the League Secretary must be informed, and a replacement player nominated.

d) If a player that is not nominated for a team but plays 3 times, then they are automatically nominated to that team for the rest of the season.

e) If a club has two teams in the same division, then rule 9d shall not apply; instead players will be automatically nominated for the higher team if they play twice for that team.

f) Clubs will inform the Fixtures Secretary in writing which players are nominated for their teams before playing any matches, and no later than 1st October of that season. Clubs must ensure that their players are aware of being nominated.

g) Nominated players shall not play for a lower ranked team.

h) If for any reason a player cannot complete a match, then that player shall not be replaced and all affected rubbers awarded to the opposing team.


a) The team gaining the most league points shall be the division winners, and the other positions shall be decided in the descending order of points gained.

b) If two teams have the same number of league points then the total number of rubbers won shall be used as a tie break in favour of the team winning the most.

c) If the tie is still unbroken, then the number of games won shall be used.

d) If a team withdraws from its League then all matches played by that team shall be erased.

e) If a team concedes more than half of its matches then it shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the League.

f) At the end of a season, the top team in each division shall be promoted, and the bottom team relegated.


a) If either team is more than 15 minutes late, then rubbers may be forfeited at the rate of one rubber per available court.

b) In this event, all rubbers should be played if time permits, and the team wishing to claim rubbers shall do so in writing to the League Secretary within 48 hours of the match being completed. If the League Secretary judges the claim to be valid, then the match score will be adjusted.

c) If a match is not completed for other reasons, then the result shall be submitted as at the finish of play together with the details of the circumstances.


a) The correctly completed score card for each match (as defined below) shall be sent to the Fixtures Secretary by the home team to arrive no later than 10 days after the match.

b) If a team fails meet the requirement of rule 12a, then one league point shall be deducted. Definition: A correctly completed score card shall contain the following:

i) Names of both teams playing.

ii) First and Surname of all the players in the match.

iii) League and division.

iv) Date of match.

v) All individual game scores.

vi) Result of match (including total of rubbers and games for each team).

vii) Signed by a representative of each team.


a) Teams wishing to postpone a match must contact the opposing team a minimum of 8 days before the match.

b) If the postponement request is made less than 8 days before the match, for reasons other than bad weather or the hall becoming unavailable then the match may be forfeited by the postponing team (9-0 or 6-0 depending on which League).

14) If a team considers that the conditions of a hall are too hazardous to play, they may refuse to play. The League Secretary must be notified of the circumstances in writing within 48 hours and will determine whether the match should be replayed, at alternative venue if necessary.

15) The type of shuttle to be used in matches shall be determined by the home team and they must provide sufficient quantity of these shuttles to compete a match.

16) All matches should be completed by 30th April. If a team wishes to play a match after this date, then they must inform the League Secretary of the situation and seek approval to do so.

17) All complaints are to be sent via email to the League Secretary within 48 hours of the event. A copy must be sent to the Secretary of the club against who the complaint is being made.